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Penguin Is A Girl's Best Friend Tamil Dubbed Movie Torrent

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646f9e108c As a front for his next crime wave, the Penguin forms a motion picture company. He teams up with Marsha, Queen of Diamonds, and gets Batman and Robin to take part in his movie. Marsha attempts to put Batman under her spell with drugged lipstick during the love scene, and filming at the Gotham City Museum of Antiquities turns out to be a good cover for the Penguin to snatch some ancient armor. Moreover, when the fight scene turns out to be all too real, the Dynamic Duo are captured and tied to a giant catapult about to be sprung.
"Penguin is a Girl's Best Friend" finds Burgess Meredith back after an absence of only one week, paired not with The Joker but with Carolyn Jones as Marsha, Queen of Diamonds, the second and last three part storyline from the second season, designed to be edited into a feature film for the overseas market. Penguin is already at work on an armored car robbery when the Batmobile pulls up, the Caped Crusaders making quick work of his men, before Chief O'Hara arrives to put a damper on Batman's triumph. The Chief surprises Batman with the knowledge that the master of foul play has turned to filmmaking, as president of Penguin Pictures, intending to sue the city for Batman's blunder unless he signs a contract to star in the movie, set in the days of the Roman gladiators. This turn of events is enough for Marsha to sign on as investor and leading lady, still intending to snare Batman with lipstick dipped in love potion created by her Aunt Hilda (Estelle Winwood). The Gotham City Legion of Decency prevents the shooting of Marsha's naked milk bath, but not before one enterprising crewman peeks under his blindfold! Carolyn Jones was a better choice than Zsa Zsa Gabor, but continues to spout as many 'darlings' as the much married diamond expert. The climactic cliffhanger takes place at a museum of antiquities, the Dynamic Duo set to be catapulted across town to certain death, as Penguin rejoices: "I'm sure you'll make a big splash at the other end of your journey!"
Penguin forms a motion picture company.<br/><br/>If the makers of the show are going to make a three-parter you would think they would go all out to make a knockout show (like the recent Joker three-parter) but instead we get this just okay adventure (or is sitcom the best genre description for this one?).<br/><br/>When you employ a comical actor from McHales Navy (he only appears in part two) you are really pushing the comedy level to new heights!<br/><br/>I love the 1966 Batman series, and this three-parter has some great moments, but I just wanted something a bit better.

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